Third party Statistics website statistics! Stop operation

I’m on the domestic third party website statistics of the development trend of

some time ago to do a systematic evaluation, which I personally think that the most promising third party statistics: statistics, today suddenly on its official QQ group saw the statistics of the technical staff and customer service staff said it stopped today statistical operation. Instead of the domain name all alone operation.

Oh, originally the earliest personal operation of the third party website statistics statistics is to CNZZ webmaster webmaster statistics to the market, the individual operation mode but also to spinning backward mode, now it’s all but the statistical domain to follow the trend of learning.

I said don’t know Haifeng will one day suddenly told me that his statistics do not, today his technology is in the group that stopped operating, please as soon as possible to remove statistical code. The original technical staff also told me how to say is a team, with tens of thousands of webmaster users will not say, do not do that now? Do not be a matter of the moment, fragile this kind of survival in the market in third webmaster statistics like human life.

anyway, chapter Jinwen the dude, I’m sure you run alone, you’re less likely to be a role. Without the support of the team, will never be able to go beyond the, but it is impossible to have the strength of the 1 million 500 thousand domestic web site to provide any stable statistical services.

According to the

technical staff said that the team could not recover, because all of the domain name problem, affect the statistical data of tens of thousands of webmaster! Website original user does not exist, now get technical personnel in the face of tens of thousands of webmaster, busy. Technology and customer service staff in the QQ group in this way to stop the Statistics announced that it will soon be estimated that we will be out of the group T.

I have a friend in need and technical personnel QQ contact is good, if there is what the original statistics! Members hope and statistics! The original production and technical personnel have what communication or communication and cooperation, with technical personnel QQ.

through this statistics! The 928 event, let us deeply understand the grassroots webmaster, whether a statistical function of how powerful, are better than GOOGLE stronger, as long as it is a day without growth to the company mode of operation, even as it statistics team this mode of operation, the best do not easily put the website the data is handed to them, otherwise, you will be the statistical domain name all get half-dead. Imagine one day you wake up and open the statistics to check their notebook site analysis data when you actually tell you that statistics should be closed down, you almost a year’s statistical data in this statistical server, immediately stop updating, how do you do?? statistics from December 1, 2008 to today. In September 28th, it lasted almost 10 months.

technical staff in 09 years in August 20th also told me, "statistics, it is almost a year now."

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