2015 new micro businessmen how to break through, he teach you 3 strokes breaking!

in the blink of an eye, has come to the end of March 2015, as the saying goes, yinianzhijizaiyuchun. This year’s plan ready, step by step to do, wait until the golden nine silver ten, is your harvest season.

in the blink of an eye, micro business sellers circle of friends, but also gradually into the trough, decline and the derivative model will appear.

in recent days, also met a lot of friends and I WeChat, consulting on how to do micro business issues. Mainly in the following areas.

1, I was micro business white, want to do micro business, but do not know how to start doing

2, I just made a micro business for a period of time, feel very difficult to sell, what did not brush circle of friends.

3, how to add more accurate people?

4, how can I promote my product?

for these problems, I will be in the following article one answer.

first, we look at the derivative of the current development situation, according to the Tencent, almost tens of millions of people. That is to say, as long as there is the use of WeChat, and then want to make money, people will think of WeChat to do business sellers.

secondly, look at what the micro business is selling products. 80% cosmetics and the like.

then, we’re going to see how the sales of cosmetics are. According to the traditional channels, the general is to the provincial municipal agency, and then through the cooperation with the community distribution district and other cosmetics shops, like cosmetics shop is the direct purchase from manufacturers. Then, it is directly to consumers.

in WeChat, because of its confidentiality too strong, asymmetry of information. Asymmetric information, there will be a series of reactions. The most typical is the pattern of the agent to earn the difference. The specific is how to make, I think we all have deep feeling, is the scraper, flicker, recruit agents.

so, when the difference between the cost of cosmetics factory and retail price is too large, there is room for micro business.

in the end, has become the present situation. Everyone on the derivative of discoloration, do not want to be friends with a micro business.

so, since the micro business has been the emergence of this situation, and now you are just contact micro business, why go to this dead end of the drill?

next, is to witness the breaking of the moment.

the first game, how to start doing micro – – look, think more.

for small and micro business, you must have a lot of this industry do not know. It will not be you, your family or your lover that you can muster up the courage to do the business. It must be your friend in WeChat. This friend, or is a very good friend, or is not linked to contact for many years the students. < >

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