Adsense network broadcast attention! September 1st new advertising law and mobile phone real name sy

1.9 on, the official implementation of the new advertising law: then these words fined two hundred thousand

September 1st, the new advertising law will be formally implemented. After the new advertising law on the line, the limit of the penalty from the original back to compensate a three change to a fine of $two hundred thousand!

such as: national, world-class, most advanced, best and largest, first, the only, the first, the best choice, and maximum, accurate, top, the highest and lowest, most, most, the cheapest, the latest and most advanced, the largest degree, the latest technology, the most advanced science, China class products, to fill the domestic blank, absolute, exclusive, first, the latest and most advanced, the first brand, gold, famous brand, excellent, first, top, and the whole network exclusive sales of the first, the world’s first, the first, starting the whole network, the world’s leading and top technology, the latest science and technology, the latest advanced processing technology, the most fashionable, gourmet, top, top, the ultimate and the most popular, ACE, sales champion, the first (NO.1Top1), extreme, permanent, ACE, head, brand leaders, the one and only, exclusive, vast Not only, with no predecessors are universal, and There was no parallel in history. limit.

2 is the first third party payment companies Zhejiang scholar delisted  

news August 30th, the central bank recently announced that, due to a large number of illegal misappropriation of clients’ reserves caused by capital chain rupture and other serious problems, the people’s Bank of Zhejiang, according to the cancellation Enterprise Management Services Limited "pay business license", this is the first case of cancellation of "pay business licence" third party payment company.

said the central bank, Zhejiang Yi Shi Enterprise Management Services Limited was founded in October 2007, won the "pay business license" in December 2011, allowed to carry out multi purpose prepaid card issuance and acceptance business in Zhejiang province. The people’s Bank in the administrative law enforcement, found that there are a lot of misappropriation of clients’ reserves, forged or altered trading and financial information, the scope of business payment services and other major violations of the company, seriously disturbed the market order, damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, vile and serious nature.

3 police to combat market rumors made up of 197 people checked to shut down the account 165  

, according to the official website of the Chinese Ministry of public security, the Ministry of public security deployed around the public security organs to carry out special campaigns against the Internet and micro-blog, WeChat wantonly fabricated rumors spread. As of now, to investigate and punish the criminals who fabricate rumors spread 197, instructed the relevant website shut down the network account 165.

Chinese according to the Ministry of public security official website news, for the important activities of recent stock market volatility, few users around the port of Tianjin fire explosion accident, the 70 anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese War and some other major emergencies and countries in the Internet and micro-blog, WeChat fabricate wantonly spread rumors, Ministry of public security, the public security organs to carry out special rectification combat.

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