On site operation and promotion of the mind

really, it’s really been a long time that there’s no serious record. From the beginning to the present, has been a full six years, which experienced, learned and attention is too much too much. In the evening on the Admin5 to see what they have written before, but found that the author is not me, and online reprint flood. It seems that the essence of the Internet is really sharing. Unfortunately, in the end it has become a doctrine.

reproduced should be up to the "law" website, this article use Baidu Search, find the relevant pages of about 13500. Wow, there’s a little sense of accomplishment. This six years, a lot of things of Internet, the traditional site of survival, Web2.0, B2B, B2C, C2C by violent e-commerce sites such as ups and downs. Remember in 2005, began to focus on their website promotion and search engine optimization, from primary rookie started slowly, slowly to the present practice, advanced study and operation, also summarizes some thinking and experience. I will share with you in the days to come, I hope we will be able to find their own direction in common progress.

lift direction, have to say now how many branches of the Internet, wireless applications, web x.0, BSC, SNS and other forms of popular websites. Have success, have died in tomorrow night, have access to capital, of course, the die with vigour and vitality, there is quite a large number of unknown websites and personal Adsense in no promotion experience, lack of vision and effective team disappeared. Any kind of difficulty, we can find the corresponding methods to solve, if this road go, but we are not going to go around the great determination and courage. There are a lot of people look at fiercely as a tiger does their competitors, today you add a module, I develop a similar tomorrow, you’re doing it. Remember not to keep your eyes on your website, and don’t spend too much time trying to grab it. We use this time to look for complementary cooperation sites, mining new visitors.

a group of friends are complaining, I stand in the good why but no traffic, why my station spent a lot of money have no effect, no traffic, no ranking, low visibility, naturally there will be no sales. To do after all experienced this stage, the search engines ignore you, Links can not find, visitors do not come. This is honed, but also many new owners to experience the stage. Method is not done overnight, the road is not all of a sudden. So I suggest that no matter what time do not give up thinking. Even if your idea is wrong, or even absurd, it is the beginning of your independent thinking. Hold on, maybe one day you will find that your idea is very novel, perhaps this is the next idea youtube.

a business success or not, depends on the requirements of the customer to understand the extent to which. I agree with other people’s comments: see the needs of others

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