WeChat dividend gradually disappear headlines bonus you catch it The content of startups!

today’s headlines have now become the fastest growing client information, especially in 2015 the "thousand million plan", people were heavily circle, headlines No. creators became key support platform. WeChat gradually disappeared in the bonus, the increasingly competitive situation, for entrepreneurs, whether it is to see the money, or look at the platform huge traffic share, a headline number has become standard. But there is a huge difference in the number of headlines and the number of products in the mechanism of the mechanism, the operating strategy is also different, how to play turn the number, the new list with you to understand a text.

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is good for new entrants

The key to distinguish the number of WeChat

public key lies in its algorithm recommendation mechanism. WeChat, fans read an article is mainly from two places, one in the public number, from their own active attention; the two is in the circle of friends, from friends recommend. But in today’s headlines, users read the article from the platform is the basic recommendation. The difference between the two platforms to read the source, resulting in a huge difference in reading performance.

The amount of reading and fans

the contents of the public number are highly relevant, 100 thousand + million large almost everywhere, tens of thousands of rare trumpet. But for the headlines, even zero basis, may also produce one million plus explosive.

in the WeChat dividend disappeared gradually, the rivers and lakes pattern has been set, and Matthew effect is obvious, the flow is dominated by large, new and more difficult to stand out. In this case, the top of the recommended mechanism for the content of the new venture is more favorable, if the quality of the content, will soon be able to get a considerable amount of exposure, the establishment of visibility.


in September 8th last year, today’s headlines founder and CEO Zhang Yiming in the headlines, creators conference announced the "thousand million plan"

With the popularity of

fans economy "concept, micro-blog, the public number fans were driven products, are talking about the advantages and prospects, but whether it is WeChat or micro-blog, the attention of the user and the fans are two concepts, too much attention is fresh driven, after the novelty disappearance rarely open so the number of public activity and micro-blog also decreased. The result is that the number of articles forwarded low rate, touch up and get new users more and more difficult, so that some accounts fans over a million, began to negative growth.

today’s headlines do not rely on the distribution mechanism of the subscription has become an advantage, the account through the recommendation, can continue to reach new users, access to a wider range of exposure.

there is a little difference between the other two platforms are often ignored: the number of headlines on the operating requirements of the public so strong.

today’s headlines is the information platform, users come here is the main act of reading. Public numbers attached to WeChat, just a function on the social platform, the user is to complete the gap in social behavior

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