Russia’s retail industry will welcome the online shopping boom expect Chinese goods into the market

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[through cooperation with Taobao, in 2011 the Russian market demand for Chinese goods increased by 4 times. In this regard, experts pointed out that due to Chinese can provide a full range of goods, everything, while Taobao’s supply of goods is no limit, so the demand for goods China stable Russian market and the trend of rapid growth of]

according to the relevant agencies are expected in 2012, Russia will usher in the explosive growth of e-commerce scale. In addition to the Russian large retailers have set foot in the network sales, many large international companies have begun to show a strong interest in the Russian online trading market. China is a big country of electronic commerce, tens of thousands of companies around the world in China, such as Taobao online trading site sales of goods, how to make Russian buyers also enjoy the fun of online shopping in China? Active communication between the two governments to give preferential policies to facilitate customs logistics is the key.

Russian buyers interest is limited by more than

in mid April, the Russian online retail (Online Retail Russia) forum held in moscow. The organizer Svetlana · Sorokina (Svetlana Sorokina) complained in an "Russian review" interview with reporters: "it is very difficult to understand why Chinese do not develop the Russian market? You know, Russia’s most concentrated shop in Moscow, and in Siberia and the Far East buyers to purchase items required for the 1.5~2 month in the mail instead, from China delivery is faster."

although Taobao has a certain degree of popularity in Russia, but now talk about how much of its share in the Russian e-commerce market is still too early. On behalf of Yulia · Taobao Russian version of ""; Popova (Yuliya Popova) said the "Russian review" reporter, because there are some temporary restrictions, Taobao has not fully carry out business in russia. The seller can not deliver the goods to Russia, and the buyer must also have a bank account in China and China’s mobile phone card in order to achieve Taobao online shopping, the operation is more difficult. At present, tens of thousands of companies around the world to sell goods in Taobao, but Russian buyers can only buy goods in two ways. An intermediary is to advance payment, and then through the China post, air mail or express mail EMS etc. will be sent to the Russian buyers of goods; the other is a commodity company online buyers can provide agency services through purchase ( is one of them). In this process, some companies make money by charging freight, while others sell goods by increasing profits.

According to Popova

, company will be responsible for the Taobao shop catalogue translated into russian. Through the cooperation with Taobao, the demand for Chinese goods in the Russian market increased in 2011