Website content management is about to rise

recently many market research institutions fresh data released, the report shows that the online advertising market, the largest growth site from the vertical class website, is expected to reach 3 billion 200 million yuan in 2008. Nevertheless, at least 30% of the market value of these vertical sites did not play out." CCMedia group marketing and strategic development vice president Zhou Xiang said in an interview with reporters, "the mystery, is that these sites have not noticed the" cross business’ tree ‘shook Qian Shu’ presence."

"at present, we have been the top three in the vertical field, the advertising share is relatively stable." An industry source said, but, a lot of good quality advertisers, because of the existence of some of the content of the site with our positioning dislocation, then watched the ads slip away from the list."

Zhou Xiang said, in fact, to some extent, we are caught in a kind of inertia of the trap of thinking, the need to open the cross content management thinking." It seems that in the Zhou Xiang, "cross business’ actually refers to the main site in online advertising sales, attract advertisers in positioning and website content, high brand display advertising, and matching with the visitors behavior targeted advertising. The latter is the day before the Internet advertising developed countries very influential BT (BehaviorTargeting) behavior oriented network advertisement. Well known blog keso (Hong Bo) also said that in the long run, Internet advertising will increasingly rely on the user’s intention to grasp, rather than the relevance of the so-called content.

from the CCMedia point of view, the best proportion of online advertising purchase mode, should be the population data matching pattern occupies 10%, text pattern matching on the common possession of 30% text pattern matching channel sponsorship occupies 30%, while the BT directional matching mode occupies 30%.

for fast moving consumer goods, brand display advertising can guide the basic impulse consumers. However, for cars, real estate, insurance, funds and other products need to be treated rationally, consumers will be more careful decision-making. "There is no doubt that for this type of consumers, the best way is through the Internet, through the BT behavior orientation, access characteristics with different forms of advertising to meet the pre-set visitors advertising information dissemination, uninterrupted, vivid and friendly interface to make contact with potential consumer information, and finally led to the final success of the transaction." Zhou Xiang said, rational consumers are generally not easy to brand display advertising touched, they tend to pay more attention to the intrinsic quality of the product itself."

"in the near future, the car will be the top of the professional website IBM server advertising. And the website of flowers sale presents the advertisement of notebook computer…… Don’t be too surprised when you see these incredible changes." Zhou Xiang said, once because of the content of the website and the single slip if the use of BT behavior oriented online advertising platform services, this