Papi sauce the story of modern value talents

a month ago, as a network of red Papi sauce management status, Luo Zhenyu will be advertising resources will be the price of the ticket will be communicated to the level of 8000 yuan. WeChat news, the logic of thinking just push over, pull hook net CMO Bao Ella determined under a single, she said he did not want to understand how Papi sauce future will be, but the changes in the market are read before they are scolded ", so, it is betting on Papi sauce imagination rather than buy a ticket price in learning driven by fear.


this is not exactly motivation is to some extent diluted the Papi sauce of this tender event of commercial purity, were four of the dispute is magnified to the industry for Luo Zhenyu dissatisfaction: between budding and rookie old, crafty person businessman, public inner Libra too easily backward the former, and the natural brain mend marionette style drama.

is a niche for years omnipotent Youth Society by Han Han recommended after overnight, but caused the fundamentalist fans discontent, ideal complex they worried and alert commercial will change the literary and artistic works, and make the reverse wishes for the idol in the case of wishful thinking: "would rather do not want you red".

however, in any case, a basic fact is: Papi sauce is not started his itinerant young girl, who is already married the 28 year old girl is committed to the road network has been put into red years, towering stands on top of the iceberg tend to cover up the effort and sweat the unknown, but when she can ask for one day the return on cash charges any more or less some too arrogant.

at least, in Luo Zhenyu’s view, he will most of the criticism is referred to as "no black point", even after the raid of SARFT, Luo Zhenyu’s voice on the phone is still full of confidence.

72 hours a

April 18th, SARFT issued a circular, assessment of Papi video content bad sauce etc. swearing off the shelves, rectification.

in the tender meeting three days before such changes, the impact on the parties are undoubtedly great. Based on the particularity of the auction, Luo Zhenyu even made a thoroughly, trying to understand the mentality of these gold master, "finally found actually influence is overrated, many companies feel that after having such a turning point may be more popular."

eventually, 22 million of the bid price, confirmed the judgment of Luo Zhenyu, this figure is also beyond the industry most of the pre forecast.

, however, may be somewhat different with Luo Zhenyu’s concern, Papi sauce partner, to assume operational and commercial work of Yang Ming more concerned about the effect of smoothing the waves. On the eve of the opening of the general assembly until tender, Papi sauce is still under the frame of state in the history of multiple video content platform, the content changes — for example, all of the "foul" are.