The first financial search platform closed financial search mode which problems

The establishment of

platform the rate of net financial search earlier issued a closure notice, will cease operations in August. The rate of net closed market triggered a wave of discussion, whether financial search platform mode problems of



‘s first financial search platform closed

yesterday afternoon (July 21st), the financial product search platform business bank rate network released the announcement on the official website, will be closed on August 1, 2016. Not only to stop the operation of the site, including financial product search, data analysis, news and public opinion and other areas of China’s full line of business will be stopped, the company will be closed and the liquidation of employees in accordance with legal procedures.


The rate of net closure notice

after the media exposed, the rate of net U.S. parent company CEO in the top and the rate of net open telephone communication conference to send a lawyer to draft closure notice, the rate of net staff is currently working with the United States on behalf of the parent company negotiate compensation issues. A bank rate network said employees, a total of US companies abandon Chinese area does not make money, all the layoffs.

said the rate of net official information, is China financial product search platform leader, in 2007 to enter the China website officially launched in 2008. The construction bank rate network dedicated to the financial products database, covering banking, credit card, funds, insurance, trust, interest rate, foreign exchange, gold, P2P and other fields, the financial product data up to 326000 number, and provide personal financial calculator 190 kinds of data support.

The rate of net

parent company Bankrate (NYSE:RATE) is a personal financial product information services company, headquartered in Florida, North Palm Beach, has been 30 years of history. Bankrate for the United States, Canada and China’s more than 5 thousand and 600 financial institutions to conduct real-time tracking of financial products.

how about other financial search platforms?

in addition to the rate of net domestic financial search platform, including financial 360, good credit network, 91 financial supermarket, Baidu wealth, an off loans, easy loan net loans small secret. Many established mutual platform belongs to gold company earlier, 360 financial was founded in October 2011, 91 financial was founded in November 2011, good credit network was established in March 2013, has experienced the course of rise and adjustment of this wave of gold fever.

melt 360 in October 2015 announced the completion of more than 1 billion yuan D round of financing, led by Yunfeng fund, race collar fund and other domestic fund investment, Sequoia and Star VC with the cast, valued at more than $1 billion. According to official data, the current service covering nearly 300 city, tens of thousands of cooperative financial institutions, real time update station 170 thousand balance of financial products, including loan products 70 thousand balance, 10 thousand credit cards, financial products 8>

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