Li Kaifu Mobile nternet bonus is no longer the most sought after artificial intelligence and cultur

Techcrunch forum held in November 7th 2016, Li Kaifu as the opening guests, introduces the innovation and the trend of investment direction of innovation works over a period of time, he observed Chinese internet.

Li Kaifu believes that over the past one or two years, the mobile Internet has reached normal growth, no growth, many companies are integrated, future business opportunities and will continue to eat the past mobile Internet dividends.

in terms of investment, he said that each VC began to be cautious, after half of 2016, even if it is the full year figures, the entire VC investment is only half of last year. But at the same time in some areas is very prosperous, or by VC sought after, including artificial intelligence and some cultural and entertainment projects.

according to the interface news reporter, Innovation workshop is also a hot mobike share of the current bicycle project investors. Talking about why the project investment, Li Kaifu said he was very optimistic about this field, because there is a rare demand for a wide range of users, fun fun to share, and energy saving. But he also stressed that the next phase of the competition between mobike and ofo, depending on whether the bicycle manufacturing and life can continue to reduce costs in order to obtain greater profit margins.

below is the speech summary:

a good VC in today’s environment, must have a fund of RMB and USD funds, good investment, now the RMB and the U. S. is not completely compatible, so an entrepreneur in the start-up period will decide to use what kind of currency, use dollars for high-tech companies, or in the United States on company. For the renminbi is faster to profitable projects. Because in the domestic market, the requirements of profitability is very important, the cycle is relatively short, so the investment is a different company. For example, artificial intelligence is hoping to get the dollar, cultural entertainment is hoping to get the rmb.

we think that artificial intelligence is the most important of all, the huge field of artificial intelligence, because when it is in a closed area, when the data is enough, it will take all the human way of life now, will replace the work of many people. In the identification of objects, artificial intelligence over the past 5 years has surpassed the human ability. When the artificial intelligence to identify the face, super man, the security work at least part of it is gone. When artificial intelligence can understand the voice of the customer service and telephone sales of the work of the people there is No. When artificial intelligence can be more intelligent stocks, a lot of people will not work.

in Google’s latest depth learning has also been used more and more. Artificial intelligence is not just an area of unmanned robot, any field has a very large amount of data, artificial intelligence can be used. All over the world and transportation value related companies have been convinced that the development of unmanned vehicles is inevitable. So under the framework of driverless cars, electric cars, the future of the driver will basically be replaced by unmanned

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