WeChat public platform Tim statistics available message forwarding number reading function

[introduction] operators will be able to intuitively understand that in the corresponding time, what are the most popular.


Tencent science and technology news (Wang Xin) August 30th news, WeChat public platform from yesterday to increase data statistics. Public account operators will be able to see the number of users, including various types of data or user identity attribute, text message reading number, forwarding number and other aspects of the news to share statistics in the background, in order to understand his own account of the actual operation effect.

WeChat public platform will be divided into four types of data statistics, respectively, user analysis, graphic analysis, message analysis and development support.

analysis of users, operators can understand the feature of users account. Some of the key indicators include the number of new, cancel a number of concerns, the number of net trends respectively, the corresponding curve graph and data table to display. In the user’s identity, you can also see the user’s gender, language, provinces and the proportion of various types of distribution.


graphic statistical analysis, comparison operators concerned data has a detailed display, such as graphic messages in each article how many users receive real point reading articles of the number, the number of times, and share text conversion data are available.

addition, the background also provides a number of pages in accordance with the text to read, share the number of forwarding to sort the function. In this way, the operator will can intuitively understand that in the corresponding time, what are the most popular.

in the message statistics, it is provided by a number of messages sent to the official statistics of user accounts, to help operators understand the interaction account.

become the developer’s public account, you can view the interface call related statistics, such as the number of calls, the failure rate and the average time, etc..

, according to the WeChat team in the announcement, the statistical data from July 1, 2013 onwards. Daily data will be updated on the morning of the second day. Since then, WeChat public account operators finally can make use of these data to optimize the account management related.

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