Ma Yun Alibaba hopes to become the pride of Shenzhen

Alibaba group in Shenzhen, hoping to become the people of Shenzhen, to become the pride of Shenzhen! "Yesterday morning, in the Alibaba group international operations headquarters and cloud computing research center ceremony, Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer Ma said, the whole chain of Alibaba group international operations headquarters and commercial cloud computing research center will be involved in electronic commerce, the group will spare no effort to increase investment.

Shenzhen e-commerce development has the advantages of hardware and software

Shenzhen is the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce approved the construction of the country’s first e-commerce demonstration city. As e-commerce service enterprises "the largest head", in his opinion, the development of Shenzhen electronic commerce has the advantage: "Shenzhen richly endowed by nature with strong human resources, with the national network of radiation, with a global vision of development. Pearl River Delta as the core area of e-commerce development, Shenzhen has the necessary hardware and software advantages, with a number of well-known e-commerce enterprises."

"in 2009, Shenzhen city leaders invited us to invest in the development of Shenzhen, through our careful consideration, careful research, and ultimately decided to group international operations headquarters and commercial cloud computing research center in Shenzhen, and actively cultivate the electronic commerce as the focus of the new business models and new formats, we’re here today to witness this moment arrival." On September 2009 the Shenzhen municipal government and the Alibaba Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides work together to establish e-commerce platform based on the Pan Pearl River Delta, facing Southeast Asia and global radiation in Shenzhen, Ma said with emotion.

deep in the project will be involved in the whole chain of e-commerce


Group operates diversified Internet business, including its B2B,, Taobao mall, a scouring network, Ali cloud computing, Chinese YAHOO and Alipay and other subsidiaries, associated companies, with more than 20 thousand employees worldwide.

Alibaba group has been committed to the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises in international trade and the development of online trading, online retail and payment platform, online shopping search engine, and data centric cloud computing services, create online trade facilitation environment for all people in the world." Ma Yun said, the Alibaba in Shenzhen to set up international operations headquarters and cloud computing research and development center, the whole chain will be fully involved in electronic commerce, promote the Alibaba B2B,, Alipay and other companies in Hong Kong and Macao and Southeast Asia business development, participate in global competition, and take the future research in the field of Alibaba and commercial applications in the cloud calculation of the development of business, to provide adequate software support and business information actively for the business activities of small and medium sized enterprises.

help SMEs to achieve industrial upgrading in Guangdong


group revealed that the Pearl River Delta is the most extensive application of e-commerce, the most innovative area, and the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta region has been two key areas in the development of the domestic Alibaba group. >

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