Search engine optimization how to do

search engine optimization is not only a technical work, but also a closely related to the characteristics of enterprises, the need for frequent analysis and seek external cooperation. Practice has proved that the search engine optimization can not only make the site has a good performance in the search engine, but also can make the site look relaxed and lively, page simple and efficient, target customers can play the site straight to the theme of communication between the enterprise and the customer the best effect.

search engine is actually a website, but the website dedicated to provide you with the information retrieval service, it uses the special program on the Internet of all classified information to help people in the multitude of information of the ocean to search for the information they need.

how to do search engine optimization

Some companies believe the

website is to perfect the performance of the corporate image, do not need to have too many words, and to do a magnificent. In fact for visitors, the first impression is important, but always repeat a little information content, "beautiful picture" or "wonderful animation" does not allow visitors long time with relish, even in the end do not know what the site is about, the enterprise needs to display and allow customers to understand the information but no memories in the minds of customers. So whether it is standing in the search engine optimization angle, or the overall site demands perspective, enterprise website must be careful not to let a lot of pictures and animation "overwhelming, but should spend more time in the material preparation and arrangement of contents, to allow customers to understand the real useful information.

keywords the appropriate use of some enterprise website construction, will take the initiative to sign some of the fees for the site to be search engine, which is beneficial to the awareness of the public. But they often do not attach great importance to the choice of keywords, or lists a lot of words related to the enterprise, or just the name of the enterprise as a keyword. This is easy to determine the site keywords, the content of the site is not accurate, the expression of information is missing, the effect of discount.

The choice of

website keywords depends largely on the idea of building a website. Key words do not too much, generally limited to less than five. In the choice of key words, can be divided into three aspects: the first is short

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