Singles Day, Tmall to split C2B business

see micro-blog large broke the news that Tmall will separate the sale of independent, set up similar to Juhuasuan’s subsidiary". But the news concerns very, like Ali business too much, then separate out one is harmless. But the taste, which There is much fineness in.

in fact, I would like to see Tmall pre-sale as C2B. However, due to the threshold of the real C2B is too high, consumers may not be too good to understand, at this stage may be more appropriate for the pre-sale named.

why did the cat split the sale channel? I think there are several reasons:

1, the uniqueness of the pre-sale commodity

pre-sale, as its name implies, refers to the product has not yet officially entered the market before the conduct of sales. At least for now, the significance of pre-sale is to determine the volume of production and delivery in advance, targeted links, reduce loss. Of course, zero inventory is the advantage of pre-sale, from the commodity circulation link, this point is particularly important.

careful study under the pre-sale of goods on the shelves of Tmall, you will find that more than half of the shelf life requirements are very high class, such as seafood, fruits, and mostly imported goods. Why is it that the traditional channels can not accurately control the sales volume as well as transportation, the uncertainty of the sale time. In traditional industries, fresh after a lengthy transit links, the loss rate of up to 50%. And through the pre-sale mode, bypassing the distribution and counter sales at all levels of the link, the loss rate can be reduced to 5% or less.

addition, in the traditional channels, in order to extend the shelf life of fresh, may be based on the characteristics of the product sacrifice the taste of the product itself. For example, durian, traditional channels in order to extend shelf life, are picking in the 6 ripe, but the sale can do 9 mature picking a is cooked, a natural flavor and texture of cooked, of course there is a big gap.

so, for pre-sale, its products are very distinctive features. And these features can form a new classification of goods latitude, which is pre-sale can be independent of the congenital conditions. If the "Juhuasuan" is the lifeblood of the group to buy the resulting price advantage, then the pre-sale lifeline is due to the quality of the product and the quality of the intermediate link compression. From the price to the quality of the transition, but also in line with the level of people’s psychological pursuit.

2, C2B and C2B

in the primary stage

C2B model is the first consumer demand, after the production of enterprises according to the demand for production. Usually for consumers according to their own needs customized products and prices, or actively participate in product design, production and pricing, product prices, highlighting the individual needs of consumers, manufacturers of customized production.

, however, from the point of view, this complete C2B model to achieve a lot of difficulties. So, I prefer to look at it in two parts: the primary stage C2>

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