What does the Taobao index mean to the public

From September

online to the beta to the line, attracted a lot of attention of Taobao seller Taobao index along the way, Taobao index can give us what, then his public will on the e-commerce market at present will bring those changes.

Taobao index from the name of the project so far has been open, the seller and the other B2C are concerned, Taobao Index said now many users and the media want to know Taobao on different industry trends in the self introduction, want to know different people shopping decisions, and industry categories, with commodity transaction data. We hope that through massive Taobao data mining and visualization show, so that more people understand Taobao data to help them understand the consumer market, and jointly build the influence of Taobao. It is clear that Taobao would like to put this product can also be heavily recommended to users, so in the current Taobao index, Taobao also uses what is the trend of the video to help buyers understand the Taobao index.


Taobao index’s current role is as follows:

Taobao index for sellers, is undoubtedly a very good data analysis tools, through the Taobao index, you can learn to buy their products ages easily, gender and region and even sign and hobbies, Taobao through summarizes the detailed characteristics of the buyers in the total consumption status and the personal data consumers, let the seller have clear understanding of their products to consumers, let the seller want the other end consumers suddenly clear, so that the seller can according to the characteristics of their customers’ right to adjust their shop marketing strategy, product positioning and shop decoration etc.. For sellers, this is a free and powerful market research tools for the production and sales of enterprises have the most direct guidance. But the Taobao data also need to open the seller has a clear understanding of their products and marketing, there are 28 principles in the consumer market, is the production of the fierce competition of the most popular products, popular products or through the long tail theory a large number of sales of low competition it needs to sell home has a clear understanding of their own.

for some other B2C related sites and Taobao data analysis also has a very good reference for the investigation, Taobao’s own product market, the audience and the relevant data analysis has a very important reference.

Taobao: Taobao index for buyers through the huge shopping information, Taobao index can be very clear what you need to buy the product category of the current fashion trends and market evaluation is presented to you, this is the other shopping guide can realize navigation and the community, through the fashion trends, as well as interesting properties such as regional constellation since the beginning, buyers can easily find what is now a popular style of clothes, you choose what is the category of digital products. The majority of people are shopping herding effect, because we have to buy, and then buy their own to keep up with fashion, buy digital products have so many people

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