CEO who, do this bowl of cold chicken soup A round, B round, C wheel die, the difficulty coefficient

Abstract: the A wheel is not easy to become of vital importance mark. In the uncertain pattern, the market has not been proved in the case, investors will still invest five or six in each field, to see the team in the share of a bet. C round of the company has a certain amount of capital and hematopoietic capacity, it is not easy to die, the problem is how to live well.

money is not good to take, this is the consensus of many start-up companies CEO this year.

from January to June to insist as long as $RMB, from the original plan A turn eventually melted Pre from A, said 5 million dollars suddenly fell to 20 million yuan. CEO heart can’t stop "FML" and had to tighten their belts, reproduce the ups and barometer of capital market since the beginning of the year.

according to the State Administration for Industry and commerce data show that from March 2014 to the end of May 2015, the national new venture enterprises 4 million 854 thousand households, including the Internet and detached companies accounted for half of the country; clear the data also show that in 2014, the mainstream of domestic angel investment institutions completed a total of 766 Cases of investment. In contrast, over the past year successfully into B round of only more than and 200 – crazy business boom is behind the tragic reality, especially when the capital cold, how B crossed this threshold for each round of success, entrepreneurial companies are almost the field of life-threatening serious test.


fingertips, venture capital is still hot, cold

with "silent" mutations described strangling capital is not too much.

looks like the market in VC 3 seems beautiful. On the one hand, IDG, Sequoia, DCM and other traditional VC is offering a new round of fund; on the other hand, a large number of new fund, VC has entered an era of entrepreneurship; at the same time, the public fund, Fortune Management Inc and other new game player also continue to join, to cooperate with the National Peoples encourage entrepreneurship policy, the speed and quantity of financing far beyond the level of previous years.

"capital market itself does not completely follow business people go, Zhou Xiang Tao responsible for interpretation of last year is not sustainable investment and financing platform" Huaxing Alpha early. As Chinese’s biggest investment bank, have a relationship with you in the mainstream App Huaxing mobile phone 90%, and Huaxing Alpha is an important layout in the Renaissance of the early stage financing service.

seems to be in the week, because the winter is the seasonal slump in investment banking, from last Christmas market began to turn cold. Although a slight rebound after the Spring Festival, A shares have been investors for a period of time, the market re fried, but after the market shock in June this year, the trend is very obvious cold.

at the same time, investors have changed the mentality. Some investors voted last year to fund 50% or even

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