What is the value of the first generation nternet portal



recently, ifeng.com broke layoffs, the strategic transformation of the news, in 2011 to $11 on the first day of issue price and the rising price of 34% ifeng.com listed less than $4.6 (in September 3rd prices), capital market development of the Phoenix serious decline. In fact, the capital market is not to see the Phoenix Network of a company, and even can be said to have seen the development of the whole industry has been 20 years of decline.

portal industry development status:

portal portal business value of big brother — the United States YAHOO also has been seriously underestimated, remove and Yahoo! JAPAN shares held by Ali, YAHOO portal business value of -100 billion dollars (yes, is negative, Meijer and Yang Zhiyuan to collapse).

NASDAQ listed in 2000 the country’s three major portals equally difficult day:

Sina portal market capitalization of $2 billion 500 million, and only his own son micro-blog quite, to know the market value of the initial listing of micro-blog is $4 billion 100 million;

Sohu portal market capitalization is negative, and the eldest brother YAHOO as sad reminder. Sohu market value of $1 billion 700 million, but the focus, Sogou, Sohu, four major business video tour worth more than 3 billion dollars, this is not the real estate Sohu and cash value, equivalent to the Sohu portal no value, can somehow portal advertising revenue accounted for 10% (video advertising revenue has accounted for more than 20%);

NetEase portal market capitalization of about $918 million. Although the NetEase market value of $14 billion 100 million, advertising revenue accounted for only 10%, Sina advertising revenue based on NetEase, portal worth about $918 million, of course, if you can reach the value of spin off is not necessarily.

(Tencent) we are not here to say, his portal is just an extension of the IM, the importance is not high, all advertising (portal +IM+ game + community) revenue accounted for only 5%)

has become a sunset industry in the advertising business for the portal, the industry a jittery, ifeng.com caused more layoffs "portal coming winter" and the sound of. In fact, as the first generation of Internet business portal has never been a real protagonist, the hopeless portal has become the victim of the NASDAQ index plummeted, and finally by ISP live.

with the development of the Internet, the three major portal to portal business started to expand their business scope, the original portal business in terms of revenue and strategy have been marginalized, and even has completely lost heart portal user location.

Chinese Internet development in recent 20 years, continues to surge the next wave of the Internet, the information service portal business has become a chicken ribs or chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival, portal asset valuations continue to decline, not a new business can exceed its value. In the valuation of the recent release of iResearch ranking, >

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