Ylmf Lai Lin Feng flow business is to make money

By modifying the Windows XP

for the completion of the user, the capital primitive accumulation, is speeding up the turn bigger can bring more traffic site navigation, search, aggregation network U disk business.

had to buy computer operating system in computer assembly installed in town, or the computer virus need to reinstall the operating system of the experience people have this impression: in charge of loading system to the computer will take a CD disk to reinstall the system installed. This so-called machine installed all content in the plate maybe a lot is provided by the wind.

to provide users with free, good use of the modified from the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, the acquisition of millions of computer users, the free use of ylmf products to provide users not only help for get travel, Sogou network promotion costs a large number of enterprises, but also help earn in just two years into a flow after hao123 and 265 web site navigation "114". Next, ylmf hope through 115 aggregation search, network alliance, network disk, U open source operating system and other projects will further expand the business flow, hoping to become the first listed companies do flow in three years.

founder Lai Linfeng for only 27 years, the company name "for" is the name of the dismantling. Ylmf was founded in 2005, started to rely on someone else to install the computer repair computer, earn a little money. Installed in the computer process, users reflect the existing operating system is not easy to use. In order to satisfy the users’ demand for better system ", Lai Lin Feng start Daoteng to modify the Windows XP, and the online for others to download and share. Due to the production of sophisticated, Windows version of the XP operating system for soon to become the three largest XP operating system with a modified version of the tomato garden, the depth of.

Millions of

users to XP version Windows ylmf ylmf naturally leads to the flow of money by selling business model. Maxthon browser, Kingsoft software, such as we have done to find a bundle promotion." Lai Linfeng said. But he believes that not only will modify the ylmf Microsoft operating system: "lay people this insignificant skill only see we modify the Windows XP, but did not pay attention to the installed disk we provide more than and 700 MB, which contains most of the tools needed by the user, such as the optimization of the master, it needs a lot of technical innovation." As of 2008 Microsoft tomato garden blow, ylmf announced to stop to modify the Windows XP to open source operating system (operating system with open source development).

at the end of 2008, the company moved from Guangzhou to our manufacturing industry of Dongguan, began his new journey.

"No previous

ylmf negative news, the past few years has accumulated a lot of contacts and resources, visibility is good." Good advertising revenue so that Lai Linfeng is looking forward to the new business.

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