The annual sale support mobile terminal 2 hours ahead of the sale


] April 18th news billion state power network, the annual sale soon there will be new initiatives in the mobile terminal. Billion state power network to understand,’s "4.18-4.19 sale" in the mobile terminal will open early. said that this year’s annual sale from April 18th 0 officially started, but the mobile terminal will open from April 17th 22 panic buying point.

In addition to

ahead of time in the recent panic buying, mobile terminal to do some small action ", is a collection of goods can be a key to the shopping cart, to help users quickly orders, the other one is to increase the brand search function, the function of App is located in the upper right corner, only support users by brand names in alphabetical order retrieval. intends to promote the annual promotion of mobile terminal

According to

billion state power network to understand, "418~419" can be said to be the most important year promotional activities, similar to the 618 or eleven pair of Tmall Jingdong. Last year, introduced the "419 sale", intending to create a double and eleven or traditional holiday promotions. In promoting traffic peak, chose to pave the way for a high-profile mobile terminal, this gimmick to guide users to purchase in the wireless terminal for two hours in advance on sale.

CEO Shen Ya said that the first quarter of last year, mobile terminal sales accounted for only 8% of the fourth quarter of last year this proportion had increased to 23%, while in 2014, this proportion increased to more than 1/3, the expected future mobile terminal sales growth will be more rapid.

in addition to the independent mobile client, also hopes to WeChat as another wireless terminal growth point. Shen Yaceng said, will reach a cooperation with WeChat, in my bank card – selected goods – Flash purchase in the presence of Tencent will receive a small amount of sales commissions and WeChat payment rates.

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