How to develop your nternet gold mine

gold, as the name suggests is to find out, is the need to develop the Internet of gold, you need more careful analysis, you need to use the greatest determination and passion to develop, the Internet is a virtual reality of the society, as the social reality as on the surface of sensual downtown, but behind the scene of debauchery. Is full of intrigues, traps, looks promising, the scenery in a blink of an eye, if you do not have a pair of ashes to ashes, vision and attack technology penetration, to create wealth in the Internet’s performance is not possible.

in front of my friends and I discussed in the deep needs of people, but also said that the development of deep demand for product structure, then how to use the product to meet the needs of people. Develop your Internet gold mine in order to maximize profits.

A. you need to locate your specific product

1 first from the hot market analysis, determine, subdivide, locate your gold market

2 to collect information on other businesses you determine the product

3 to create a unique selling point of your product

4 will be your product virtualization, high-end, professional, branded "four" packaging

5 test the popularity of your product

two. You need to have a network promotion platform for your product, this platform must have:

1 people can easily come in

2 gives people the basis to believe you

3 can immediately communicate with you

4 has a follow-up tracking service

5 can establish long-term relationship with the automated mechanism

function to solve this platform includes four "network hardware": the blog as a business center, to the site as a customer reception center, as an active tool of communication by e-mail to the mainstream media such as credit guarantee, four hardware integration application, will produce the high efficiency of 1+1=100. Friends in the strategic base of the learning process, will have to do a website, can skillfully use the blog, also familiar with the mainstream media, to build such a network platform should be very easy to do.

three. You need to study the use of the network environment to promote standardized promotional techniques, including:

1 will be packaged with high value

2 lets people trust your product

3 promotes people’s desire for your product

4 lift people’s resistance to you

5 secure payment mechanism

6 has the following aftermarket security

these three aspects of content for a person who wants to create wealth on the Internet is indispensable

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