A8 music Liu Xiaosong an entrepreneurial veteran an angel investor

"love business, love to do not love money, boss; love money; to a sense of accomplishment, more love investment rate of return; not wealth, not money, is not a devil; mentor is Bole is midwife; he is an angel, a noble person, one out of the vulgar people, a benefit to the people……"

angel investors, has always been a mysterious and intriguing title, according to the "entrepreneurs" magazine reported: "the angel of domestic investment most is Xu Xiaoping, it is said that there are more than and 40 domestic investment; the largest amount of angel is Xue Manzi, is said to reach 100 million yuan; domestic investment in a single project the highest rate of return is the angel Liu Xiaosong, he said to the return on investment Tencent reached 2000 times, has not been exceeded."

as the largest digital music company A8 Music Group founder and CEO Mr. Liu Xiaosong the most discerning is an investment Tencent, he frankly, when in 1999 the investment Tencent did not think too much. One was optimistic about the Internet industry prospects; two is the feeling of Tencent Inc is small, but has a concept of the user operations, commendable.

, in his opinion, "angel investment in fact largely depends on the people, since the inception of the company, many problems are still not clear, the most critical is the mutual trust between investors and entrepreneurs". As the first principle of angel investors is to look at people, I pay attention to the execution of the people, because all the strategies and finance can be changed, but people will not change. However, it is difficult to judge this factor, which is the most difficult to do angel investors." He should not only pay attention to the founder’s personal potential, but also to see whether there is a complete decision-making mechanism of the team.


shortly after investing in Tencent, Mr. Liu Xiaosong began his second venture in 2000. Fortunately, his business has also been an angel of mercy. "A dozen of my friends took a total of 500 million to support my business, they are my angel." Mr. Liu Xiaosong said with a smile.

after eleven years of development, now A8 music has become the music content provider digital music platform, the China leading, and included in the national music industry base, but the veteran entrepreneurs for investment and entrepreneurial enthusiasm is still not changed. Over the years, he quietly invested in many early projects. Mr Liu Xiaosong believes that today’s angel investment and start-up investment, the difference between the two has become increasingly blurred, a lot of angel investment more and more, more and more large scale, a kind of angel investment has hatched color, such as Li Kaifu (micro-blog) the innovation works; there is a class has the characteristics of complementary resources. Liu Xiaosong, for example, a very important development direction of the A8 music is the mobile Internet, mobile Internet is now very much, the industry inside also have very good people want to start, but the lack of resources, A8 music resources and his resources can be carried.

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