The development of network marketing training industry from the perspective of network marketing

some time ago, always can see or hear some of the network marketing training related things, there are also friends contact, even in the pursuit of learning, so to consult. In this regard, Ye Jianhui from the current network marketing training situation, talk about some of their views.

at the moment, the network marketing is very hot, so that more people, more corporate attention. Perhaps because of this, resulting in network marketing training, network marketing training institutions or organizations, such as by little mention, there is little understanding of the flood.


network marketing =SEO?

a lot of friends will think so, network marketing is SEO, SEO is the network marketing. This is often the lack of awareness of network marketing and SEO caused by. Because the network marketing tools includes news, soft, SEM, EDM, IM, association, forum, blog, video, micro-blog, WeChat and so on, while SEO is only part of its many means in SEM so that there is a relationship between the point and the plane.

this, Ye Jianhui suggested the need to learn more, practice more: one thousand, to ten thousand, the working party for the emperor road!

network marketing training – survival

because of the spread of network marketing training, increasingly fierce competition, but competition is a good thing, but also the survival of the fittest is such a thing, but Ye Jianhui was eliminated from the many near or never entered the competition mechanism, their operation promotion seems to lack something so.


1 ideas

for operational thinking, if not clear, it is difficult chengdaqi, Ye Jianhui have been in contact with some of the relevant training institutions, on the way to see the next step, ok. So, no milestones, no good profits, with only one momentum, want to become bigger and stronger, easier said than done,


of course, the market also has a good marketing idea is the case, a similar viral marketing and MLM operating ideas, regardless of how the level of how, but at least have good promotion effect, the wine is also afraid of deep alley era, thought out decision.

2 positioning

has no idea, also living in the crevice in this difficult position. What positioning?. There are a lot of network marketing training institutions for their audience, often narrowly positioned in the station, located in the Promotion Commissioner, SEO commissioner.

Ye Jianhui has been engaged in the work, the audience will contain the webmaster, however, never as promotion center, people webmaster webmaster, why? Because SEO specialist such as people on the Internet are proficient, at the same time >

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