The sea Amoy spring Don’t worry, there are three pits

August 20th, Amazon will officially set up an international trade headquarters in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the development of cross-border e-commerce, cross-border trade and cross-border financial services, the headquarters will become the hub of Amazon’s global operations. Amazon and China signed a memorandum on cross-border e-commerce cooperation agreement.


after the signing ceremony, the international retail Amazon Co Bendigo senior vice president of · Parson Te Ni said China, consumers can not only buy things in the Amazon Chinese, also can buy things on Amazon and other websites.

what a wonderful thing, there is a Chinese entrance to the American Amazon, after the sea Amoy Rulvpingdi, with a protection fee, oh no, parcel tax, you can enjoy one-stop scouring the sea.

Amazon’s own operations warehousing, logistics, countless foreign good things. If you are in accordance with the FTA leaders suspect that these things can be landed in the 4 quarter.


saw this explosive news, the most worry is to be named "sea washes the year begins each new concept of cross-border electricity company. If Amazon do direct mail, and their way out of


as the sea scouring posture professional station, we should be very happy. Because the colony of the United States Amazon or can not solve the problem of what to buy, we also need to cheer.

But in fact, before

, really enjoy the overseas feast, whether it is the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, domestic consumers of green pepper or cry piteously for food, bought the stock price of the giant Amazon have hide not open pit.

Pit 1: commodity category

because Americans ingrained, as well as the present situation in our country for the protection of intellectual property rights, determines the number of firms are reluctant to sell goods to China, even if they do not have any agent in China at all.

on the Amazon, can direct mail to the outside of the United States of goods Amazon global eligible words. These goods are goods that can be sold to other suppliers. So, the FTA landing, it is obvious that the category will focus on these goods.

you know, Amazon global eligible AIU goods in 60 million kinds of commodity base, have not even 1%. According to the 28 theory, the goods you want are less than 0.2%.

Pit 2: price

we are most concerned about the AIU goods will not be with the international standards in the free trade area of the price of


the retail price of most goods in the United States is low in the world. Super purchasing power and advanced consumer attitudes, so that businesses continue to transport the best goods to the North American market, but also to the old American who do not have no deal every day. Because there are too many things, homogeneous competition

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