Analysis on the technique of network marketing of community websites (next)

last week, the analysis of the community class competitors in the site as well as the basic means of selling the home class businesses rogue, for some of the higher level of skills:

senior cheats 1, rogue vest siege

is also a Jiezhuang market is non nest, grabbed the list, was opened against the club… How do the feud difficult? Hum, vest


performance: register up directly on the complaint

extension performance: how he manages, how he calls, I just don’t come out!

solution: mentality is better, do not just look at the title, look at the development of the situation. If the company is to solve the slow, careless, must not choose. If the company is quick and good, it can’t be considered.

, senior rogue cheats 2 fish in troubled waters

other businesses engaged in activities, the website issued a notice in the. Worse is to sign up customers quietly, even fake websites, other company personnel said: reschedule….

this several rogue websites also use.

solution: see who is talking.

, 3 sets of low-cost rogue senior cheats head

cabinet company told you that the next cabinet 300 yuan / m, do you believe it?

home improvement company said super easy to wash 10 yuan / square, do you believe it?

some of the so-called large hydropower budget 1500 yuan, do you believe it?

is it popular now to learn Lei Feng?


rogue moves

cabinet company to tell you that the next cabinet 300 yuan / m, the additional conditions must be specified for the table, but also expensive.

said Jiezhuang company ultra washable 10 yuan / square, or water or from other price with back.

some of the so-called large hydropower budget 1500 yuan, which is called the budget, the final accounts of an inattentive 15000.

operators must make money, do not believe that the same business as Lei Feng. Why not

Robbers also have their paths, right?

senior cheats 4, rogue gangster

business may be very poor, specifically not to say, don’t do this.

business is business, that is, the relationship between buying and selling. The merchant as a wolf to consider, do not become food

keep in mind the existence of the risk of buying and selling, there must be a sense of norms, the sale is the sale, nothing to do with compassion.

road to road, very road. No real marketing techniques, but the sense of practice. There is a shortcut is the longest way · · · · · · · "

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