2016 in the 71 Unicorn 65% BAT total of 351 billion 600 million valuation are incorporated

just past 2016, the black swan fly, entrepreneurs and solo, winter haze, brave people are still exploring the new world, this is the 2016 annual inventory of IT orange tone. The next 1 months time, we will combine the data, and the exchange of investors and entrepreneurs in the industry, and we look forward to a comprehensive review of the "we may not want to re" in 2016.


in fact, in 2016, everyone’s enthusiasm for the unicorn landing, no longer chasing, after all, from Unicorn to Mini-corn and even to the true story of the Unicorpse sad. But it is undeniable that the venture capital circles change radically concerned, the unicorn’s fate downs still has great significance of benchmarking, they in the past few years, get the most money, get the most attention, how to develop now? 2016 "the unicorn club" of what is


2016 a total of 71 companies valued at more than $1 billion in 2016, "the unicorn club", the overall valuation of their $351 billion 600 million, the average valuation of $4 billion 950 million compared to the year 2015; the unicorn list, there are 37 companies to join the new unicorn, accounting for 52%; 25 companies for listing, the listing of new third, the removal of VIE after the acquisition, valuation, update for many years without financing to reduce the valuation factors such as exit Unicorn list.

in all of the 71 unicorn in 65% and BAT have a direct or indirect equity relationship, these companies total valuation reached $291 billion 700 million, accounted for all of the Unicorn 83% valuation of the company, especially in the Unicorn TOP10, apart from the other 9 Xinjiang technology company with BAT Association; the top 20 unicorns, 80% companies linked to the BAT. For entrepreneurs, this is not good news; for investors, someone Jiepan or giant disk may be good news, not good news but from greater probability, a company.

well, then check and IT together with the orange comb "2016 Unicorn club" (you may be seen on an article, the most detailed interpretation of the Unicorn), to the statement that in the list of 71 companies, for part of the company’s valuation accuracy, we have doubts; at the same time, there should be one of the few to meet the conditions of the company by the unicorn we miss. Therefore, we sincerely welcome you to join us, squeeze the water, mining those missing invisible unicorn.

first, the 2016 China Internet Unicorn Club list


two, unicorn Club company data interpretation

1, the valuation of the Pyramid interval distribution

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