Trillion car market after the war four O2O who can The Legendary Swordsman

called the car after the market, that is, after the car sales, around the use of a variety of services in the automotive process, which covers all the services required to buy a car after the consumer. "Suddenly, such as spring night, the trees of pear blossoms", this is the best description of the current car market after the O2O.

in attracting trillion market size, hundreds of O2O car maintenance, all kinds of venture enterprises stampede in, also have admission. The influx of capital, but also spawned a variety of O2O models, dazzling. In order to analyze the depth of the industry, the daily economic news reporter will be the current variety of O2O models do a thorough combing.

car sounds, huangjinwanliang, the ring, the Alibaba have attracted. April 8th, Ali announced the integration of its automotive business to set up Ali automotive division, will be officially cut into the automotive market after O2O. Currently, Ali has integrated nearly 1 4S stores, about 2 of the car after service network resources, will cover new cars, used cars, localization services, automotive parts and other aspects. Ali this action is very simple, is to share the big cake after the car market.

in the past 2014, "Internet plus" concept of the car after the market was filled with "staking" smoke. According to the "daily economic news" reporter to incomplete statistics, in 2014, the venture capital financing case O2O car market after the field up to 65, a rough estimate of the total amount of up to 10 billion yuan, while in the three months of 2015, these two data were 9 and 4 billion yuan.

from a macro point of view, the current O2O car market is still in the early stage of the business model in the melee, diversity, profit path has not been clarified, user habits still need time, this dispute who can win is still unknown.

Four kinds of classification of

O2O model

in January this year, China Franchise Association released "2014 China automobile market chain management research report" (hereinafter referred to as the automobile market report) showed that Chinese automobile market scale has reached 600 billion yuan, an increase of 30% in 2013, and by 2018, this figure is expected to exceed trillion mark. Automotive market segments in the field of many, in addition to the current focus of market attention car wash, maintenance, car rental, used car trading, auto parts, auto finance and insurance are included. In the car market report, the current car market after the O2O model is divided into the following 4 types:

first, join type: online mall + store service. This model is mainly used in the field of maintenance, is also widely used as a model. Its advantage is that the online store sales profit, you can quickly expand the scale of service providers under the line, and the difficulty is that the quality of service providers under the line is uneven, it is difficult to obtain complete standardization of services.

precisely because of the above factors, the current

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