Beijing mobile to build mother class artificial audit bad website

yesterday, the reporter from the Beijing China Mobile company, as an important measure to control mobile phone pornography, Beijing mobile set up by a mainly is a staff consisting of "mother class" of automatic recognition system of bad website manual audit.

Beijing mobile relevant person in charge, the identification of bad sites to go through the system and artificial two procedures, which can ensure the identification of the site in a timely and accurate. First, after the keyword, pictures and other content of the automatic retrieval, the system will find suspicious sites, and then by the professional manual audit team 7*24 hours of screening.

Beijing mobile responsible person said, the reason for the "mother class" to assume the manual review bad site task, is a mother who has a certain life experience and capacity of information jurisprudence and strong immunity; in addition, they can be determined with a mother’s perception, to the healthy growth of children as the foothold, ensure comprehensive and the accuracy of test work. Beijing Mobile said, mom class after the establishment of the system to grab bad information image hit rate has been raised to more than 95%. (reporter Gu Xiaoyu)

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