A domain name dispute triggered by the domain name dispute or litigation triangle training market


domain name is "transfer" has been unable to use.

this story original two main characters: one is the famous multinational enterprises — the world’s largest enterprise management and collaborative business solutions provider, the world’s third largest software company in Germany SAP company, a small business in Shenzhen — Shenzhen coney information technology company. With the development of the country’s largest domain name registrar has also been involved in the new network.

6 years ago, Shenzhen coney registered sapclub.org domain name, the website business was quite well-known. One day, the German SAP company raised the objection that the domain name of the site is suspected of infringement, the transfer of the domain name to it. Thus, the domain name registrar new network to the domain name to "lock" live.

‘s own site is locked, the sub SAP company to court, asked to judge the ownership of domain names. In the case of the two sides have not yet been sentenced to court, the puzzling thing happened: in the case of unknown, the domain name was suddenly transferred to the name of the SAP company attorney, and then quickly transferred to the SAP company.

‘s explanation is: the domain name expires without renewal. Yesterday, Shenzhen coney once again call the Shenzhen Daily reporter said, the company is preparing to sue the new network, "we want to seek an explanation."

domain name was taken away by multinational companies

"our website domain name by MNCs robbed!" recently, Shenzhen sub information technology company operations director Tang Min found Shenzhen Daily reporter, the "complaint" Germany SAP "too much."

according to the information provided by Tang Min: since September 8, 2004, the new Shenzhen coney network agents registered "sapclub.org" domain, and the establishment of the website in this domain. "After several years of development, the site is well known in the industry."

September 2008, SAP domain name dispute submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and mediation center ruling, requiring the transfer of domain name sapclub.org to the name of the company SAP. At the end of the year, the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Center believes that Asia is malicious registration and use of SAP trademark, and the ruling will be transferred to the domain name SAP sapclub.org.

sub refuses to accept the ruling, January 2009 to the Nanshan District court, requesting the court to domain name ownership. Because of the domain name dispute, the domain name is the new three heavy lock (no delete, update, prohibiting the transfer ban). In September 8, 2009, the domain name is due not to renew, be removed from the domain name system. Subsequently, Ya found that the domain name was transferred to a named GuPing under the name of sub query to the GuPing is Beijing jeakco intellectual property law firm’s employees. In January 27, 2010, SAP became the domain name holder by domain name transfer