Yang Fan burn smashing advertising time is OUT

1 marketing strategy has been OUT

is now rich electricity providers have a problem, that is to burn smashing advertising, regardless of whether the profit, to mix a familiar face; for every guest, feel, Martha · Marceau, decoding life, almost every website can see their shadow; in fact, sales the strategy has been OUT; so what is the most IN marketing tool? This is Yang Fan today’s theme


2 what is marketing?

Yang Fan think marketing marketing, first of all to camp to sell, that is, to create an atmosphere, and then go to sales. In marketing, the atmosphere is very important, please see the following example:

1: some singing contests (such as Super Girls) and one of them was eliminated, then sounded heavy and sad background music, the audience, the hosts and judges, of course in front of the TV, you immediately feel the players and sad, some of the audience could not help but shed tears.

: 2 cases have not found the restaurant put the music there is a certain difference, first of all to see is fast food, slow food or Western-style food, if it is so fast the music soon, diners listening to fast-paced songs will accelerate the speed of eating, which is different for different restaurants atmosphere.

through the above two small examples can be seen in the atmosphere can change the behavior of people, when the atmosphere is good to go to the sale, the success rate increased by several times.

3 how to correct marketing?


is a brand new enterprise, pocket money need not be impatient to take out, to cast a lot of advertising effect, the effect of micro and micro; a customer in Hainan this year, is a brand new website, not on the line, already and Sina, Sohu and other portal advertising agreement signed so, on-line two months spent about three million yuan in advertising, a lot of traffic, the turnover rate of people greatly disappointed, and only later found and the overall network planning; remember, if you are a new brand, the first public relations advertising.

public relations include: event marketing, the topic of speculation, press releases, public opinion monitoring, the purpose is through the soft article allows users to know you, know you, know some famous events have a relationship with you, you have been in the minds of users have a brand image; through the event to let users know you one day, users see your advertisement in the media, then under normal circumstances than a new brand to pay more attention to 3-5 times. At this time the advertising to achieve the effect of.

we can recall, if you’re in the subway, on the site, such as outdoor advertising, is known or unknown brand more attention brand? The same advertising, the same time, the same media, spend the same money, but the effect is not the same, because the marketing strategy has been change. (the first man Yang Fan: Chuangyi website planning agency)