As long as 5000 yuan can be successful investment projects

market, a wide range of investment projects are very large, some investment costs, and some small investment costs, then 5000 yuan to invest in what projects? 5000 yuan investment projects which can easily make money?

5000 yuan to open the city plush toy store:

the naughty, naive panda…… Each toy has a different taste. Now, they are no longer just a child’s toy, but with warmth and sunshine together, become a kind of theme and style of modern people’s home decoration. Tired of the day of the urban people to move forward to the house, see these different tastes of smiling faces, the mood will become as bright as the sun.

5000 yuan opened a personalized doll shop:

modern urban life rhythm is accelerating, brought more and more pressure. In order to relieve pressure, many people are looking for fresh life. Buy yourself a craft doll, like pets like gardening, leisure or mood not good time with the doll to speak, this is also a kind of decompression method. From yiyaxueyu children, stylish young people, to the experienced and steady middle-aged, and even a lot of people all love grey-haired, craft doll, some people not only own collection, but also to give it as a gift. Therefore, the opening of a personalized doll shop, there will be a market.

5000 yuan to open a handmade gift store:

now special festivals, such as Valentine’s day, father’s day, mother’s day, Mid Autumn Festival, Christmas, Spring Festival, plus friends birthday, all gifts are the days. Everyone every day for what gift gift shop is at pains, we often go to places. At present the gift shop high grade gift although many, but due to the production line, it is difficult to express the giver’s friendship. Some pure Handmade gifts, because of its popular buyers have great originality, and more to the recipient’s welcome. Therefore, to do a handmade gift shop both stylish and rich.

5000 yuan to open a cartoon supplies store:

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