How to develop customers and retain customers

Even if the

store has a lot of customers, but there is no a number of shopkeepers will despise their customers too much, so, a shopkeeper any hope can develop more customers. From the customer to know themselves, to the customer into the door, and then to have repeat customers, is a store to win customers to get business process. In addition to the fixed source, how to develop new customers, tap potential customers, and retain them? I use two strokes, open up a new business world.

shop sign on the roof of the thought of

in one of the city hospitals to accompany the mother, smoking smoking area, mother lived in the Department on the ten floor, inadvertently saw a down below, see the lower buildings on the roof of a shop sign up, smart writing, project management and delivery clear, telephone, people at a glance. I can not help the operator wise called absolute, the idea is really admirable, not only their own location, business varieties, told all the phone, and in a sense is also convenient for customers, provide convenience for the customer, the customer for the operators to provide them with meticulous service, feel warm perfect.

as we shop signs, is our face, it is not only to convey the information store, also played the role of advertising, from which also fully reflects the beauty and the art of advertising. We will carefully read the signs on the roof, to the hospital for medical treatment of patients from many places, especially the large hospital patients is over, for some large ill patients have some accompanying family, and, from the field of patients because of the way the reason, with the necessities of life is not much, need to buy locally just a place, who touched the direction, do not understand the environment here.

also, because cause patients need to accompany the family can not leave too long, need to go too far, near the hospital shop to buy goods at any time, they provide convenient. So, in order to let more customers know our shop’s position, we need to move enough brains to make our store to find convenient shopping even woman and children all know. Also, now the hospital inpatient hospital are located in the top, the signs placed in the lower floors on the roof for the customer, have great originality, but for themselves.

we don’t advertise deliberately, but we have to do something like that. Because these do not need to management departments for approval, by the people of the land, does not violate the national laws and policies, not to influence others, does not affect the location of the appearance of the city, just reached an agreement with the owner of the house, homeowners get understanding and support can be. By all available places, the opportunity to use their own publicity, so that more people know themselves, understand the existence of our shop, is a good thing, but also a good way to gather our popularity. You may wish to pay more attention to the daily business activities

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