Small business how to achieve great wealth

a lot of people look down on small business, that small business to make money, but also lose face. In fact, many small business wealth, as long as you are careful management, continue to accumulate experience, small businesses can also make great business, wealth is very broad, here to share with you a small business entrepreneurial story.

counter sales, once the cosmetics industry in the eyes of many dealers "gold" channel, now dubbed the "counter" — to counter cosmetics has become a backlog of goods, such as food in the fridge "storage". However, a young man in Hunan, only more than ten thousand yuan, in less than three years, breaking the ice ahead, becoming a successful cosmetics counter dealers, to achieve the dream of millions of wealth.

2003 years after the day of the market, more and more difficult to do business. Small manufacturers hope near the "wealthy", a strong distributor; and the strength of the dealers are looking for a big brand, easy money. Small dealers living space is small. In this case, as a small dealer Li Wei from three links, and achieved success.

with high and low product combination strategy to break the "refractory products" ice

2004 cosmetics sales trainer Li Wei quit his job, start a business trip. Two years of work experience so that he realized the difficulty of small dealers choose products, large companies that they do not have the strength, do not want to cooperate; small companies that they do not sell large, do not want to cooperate. At the beginning of the business, he did not rush to find manufacturers, but the market for cosmetics companies were classified. The purpose is to find the ideal partner.

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