Shandong youth entrepreneurship has a new green channel

young entrepreneurs will always be worried about how to increase financing channels, many small and micro enterprises fell on the issue of financing funds. Now, young people in Shandong will get a new green channel of entrepreneurship – Youth Business loans.

[Luqing benchmark for the 2015 deadline to 2017 loans each year to support thousands of entrepreneurial projects

"Luqing benchmark loan" is the Shandong youth entrepreneurship loans work as the benchmark interest rate. The project is funded by the people’s Bank of Ji’nan branch of the Agricultural Bank of China is responsible for coordinating the China branch in Shandong Province, China Postal Savings Bank branch in Shandong Province, Shandong Province Rural Credit Cooperatives and other financial institutions to jointly implement the 3. Implementation time from 2015 to 2017, a total of 3 years.

[Luqing loan guarantees] 200 annually to support young entrepreneurs for traditional industry start-ups

"Lu Qing secured loan" project by the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Department of finance, human resources and social security department, the people’s Bank of Ji’nan branch, Shandong branch of the postal savings bank, rural credit cooperatives to carry out. The project began in 2014, will continue to carry out the recommendation in 2016

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