Pretty woman breast protection female health network

three, posture to correct

breast is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body of a woman, to protect the health of the breast, do a confident charm of the woman, should do the following:

women wear tight underwear over 18 hours, will affect the detoxification function of axillary lymph nodes, and too much lace bra bra wearing nylon material may also lead to dysfunction.

to protect the breasts do pretty woman

skin relaxation is also closely related to women’s aging, massage can relieve the tension of the breast, so that the breast is more plump, and effectively avoid skin relaxation. Massage can also prevent and cure breast hyperplasia and breast benign tumor and breast cancer, but also to prevent breast duct blockage, and the development of a very good help.

the usual line of sitting is to maintain a beautiful posture, especially the chest piggyback, should rise, chest, abdomen, the beautiful breast can proud, show women’s style. ,

four, chest movement

strengthen the muscles of the chest, can do more chest movement or push ups chest aerobics.

two, multi massage

a, suitable bra

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