20 thousand yuan to open mobile phone repair shop

modern mobile phones become necessities, which also provides a broad market for mobile phone repair. If you have excellent maintenance technology, good service, diversified business projects, then open a mobile phone repair shop.

profit channels to sell mobile phone number and pay the bill

since the mobile phone repair shop so much, certainly some people earn money. However, in the eyes of outsiders, a small cell phone repair shop, the device is simple, the store is hardly a few decent phone, they are in the end how to make money?

wealth after a survey found that the profits for these mobile phone repair shop, neither mobile phone sales, nor maintenance business, if you stare at their names from morning to night pondering pondering, you didn’t give a reason, maybe one day because he didn’t sell a mobile phone.

"mobile phone repair shop sales revenue mainly from mobile phone number and mobile phone recharge payment service", open mobile phone repair shop in Zhengzhou City, Huayuan Road boss Lee said: "a good business mobile phone shop, at least a month can sell 100 mobile phone number, which at least $4000, through the management of payment recharge business also from mobile and Unicom extracted 1000 yuan rebate."

investment twenty thousand yuan to open shop!

open a 40 square meters of mobile phone repair shop, excluding store transfer fee, about 15 thousand yuan investment.

specific as follows:

1 rent 1000 yuan (urban village standard);

2 six counters, 150 yuan per day cost a total of 900 yuan;


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