2 million 300 thousand migrant workers pick up cash to return Ethiopia owner thanks

found this thing happen to others, may admire is one of millions of species, can really happen in their own body may be thousands of tangled up, everyone’s mind is occupied by angels and demons, of course, hope to overcome the devil angel. Recently, Baiyun airport workers to pick up 2 million 300 thousand cash back, hoping to be able to set an example to more people.


4 on Sept. 8, 3 passengers from Ethiopia lost $356 thousand won the huge, excitedly knelt, expressed gratitude to the construction personnel of Baiyun airport two Shijinbumei: "thank you, thank you very much! Baiyun Airport very  good!"

8 at about 16:10 p.m., Baiyun airport terminal management cooperation of the Ministry of construction side Guangzhou Xin River Construction and installation engineering company limited staff Peng Xiaoliang, Hu Guohui, passing the terminal gate A9, found a white bag outside the ground, then waited at the side, two people waited to find nobody claim, decided to open the bag to see if there was a way of contact.

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