The beauty of the eyes of the breast a full aroma of health female tipsy

Chinese literati in numerous literary works, left on the women’s whole body description. The ancient literati in the eyes of female breast, with an abstract meaning, but it still can be summed up their requirements on the women’s breast beauty mainly has: a plump, stout; two, white three, pleasant aroma; tipsy; four, five smooth and uniform elastic texture.

Chinese in ancient times has an innate taste for fat, and the Chinese on the whole body in great beauty, there is a direct relationship between. For example, the "Book of Songs" in the Po Ze? Wrote: "there is a beauty, and large volume……. There is a beauty, huge and majestic." "Chu Ci" in the "ultimate" discourse and such words to describe beauty: "Feng bone meat", "Ceng Jiayi", bone is small and thin, but a lot of meat, resulting in the emergence of a double chin; naturally, plump beauty is full of chest fat undoubtedly. To the Tang Dynasty, the grand "Datang meteorology" to guide all beauty, but also to plump for the United states. Tang Xuanzong’s Princess Yang Yuhuan is typical of the fat beauty, also known as one of the China "Four Beauties", "thin" said. The beauty of the Tang Dynasty is not only the body fat, the chest is also very plump, and women also like to wear low collar clothes, in order to reveal the fullness of the chest. Of course, the ancient China did not always advocate plump plump body, such as the Eastern Jin Dynasty time Gu painting "picture of Lady officials" in recognition of the female "thin bone Ching as" the image is embodied in the northern and Southern Dynasties; however, the beauty of the chest look > by painting

1 full fat. In the matriarchal society, the worship of the primitive human to the female. Austria unearthed in the Neolithic age, making the "willenburg Venus" is a sculpture of the statue; some are very much puzzled: the first is her head, no facial features and face, only some of the lines seem to be symbolic of hair hints; her body proportion is incongruous, two legs are very weak, and the chest and buttocks is portrayed very exaggerated, it seems that the whole statue just to show the two gigantic chest and breast. The French horn cup unearthed "holding" women, have the same tendency. This reflects the primitive people of the time they think of the definition of female beauty, including their understanding of the beauty of women: the chest will be large, buttocks will be fat.

since ancient times, almost all of the culture has been trying to show the beauty of the female body, always regarded as an important feature of the female beauty of the breast. The French Rousseau in his "Confessions" in the show on the chest of defective women — epinay lady always had no interest, he said: "she is very thin, very pale, chest flat palm. This is a single defect makes me cold; my heart and my senses are never know the one without Rufeng woman as a woman". He always felt Etan Xu Li is a "most beautiful people"; but when he found she had a nipple is deflated, he immediately changed his views — the "most beautiful people" suddenly turned into "a monster, but the nature of the goods".

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