Xiamen FTA test area to attract high-quality enterprises settled

Xiamen as China’s coastal city in economic development after the reform and opening up is more significant, but with the advent of economic globalization, countries want to adapt to the development of the tide, local enterprises also cannot do without their own reform and innovation. Located in the Xiamen free trade area Haicang Park, Taiwan standard food (Xiamen) Co. Ltd. sunflower oil project on the site of a busy scene of engineering construction has been completed about 70%, production equipment have been moved, hydropower and other facilities are also in the installation and adjustment of the final, "the end of December this year is expected to complete the project." Xiamen Jiage food factory director Zhang Qizhen said.

according to the introduction, since the Xiamen trade area listed, there are hundreds of foreign companies enjoy the negative list of reforms, the Taiwan standard company is the first Taiwan enterprises, but also the largest investment in Taiwan enterprises. The project total investment of 150 million U.S. dollars, in the Xiamen area, the establishment of an annual output of 200 thousand tons of sunflower oil refining production centers and logistics centers, put into operation within the next 5 years, the output value of up to $3 billion.

Zhang Qizhen said that due to the "negative list" policy, price can be settled in Xiamen, is expected to greatly reduce the cost of product marketing in Southern China area, is conducive to enterprises to expand the market.

FTA test area construction, Xiamen is not too early to start, however, the FTA test area as test field, the deepening of reform in Xiamen is fruitful.

"with" single window "platform, a ship can be reduced about 4 hours of total processing time, save 257 page declaration documents." Xiamen Ocean Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. statistics. At present, the international trade single window platform document processing volume exceeded 110 thousand votes, nearly a month of votes in the country’s top four FTA test area in the top 3 million. In order to better play the role of the platform, the Xiamen free trade area also launched the international trade "single window" mobile terminal applications, to achieve cross customs through business.

reform and innovation not only enhance the level of trade facilitation, but also effectively reduce the operating costs of the system, stimulate the vitality of the market.

timely payment of tax payers, imports of goods display transactions, financial leasing and other support for the development of policies, Xiamen free trade zone within 127 companies to support funds of 81 million 473 thousand yuan. Promote the paperless customs clearance reform and innovation, from container inspection fee, customs inspection and relief declaration link business services, the first half of the container inspection exempt service fee of 11709 boxes, 6 million 437 thousand yuan subsidy. The implementation of the tax bank interaction policy, has 822 companies received a tax credit of $1 billion 280 million. Take the lead in the country’s first FTA test area full coverage of intellectual property rights and incentives to fill gaps in existing intellectual property policy.

relaxed and orderly environment, bring the industry recommended fan

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