Shenyang announced a return ticket today Online Shopping Festival

Spring Festival is coming, the majority of workers in the Ministry of foreign affairs embarked on a return journey, although many people grab tickets for the home, but for years to go out after the train tickets are worried! The reporter learned from the Shenyang Railway Bureau, according to railway pre-sale period of 30 days of the arrangement, today through the Internet, mobile phone client and 12306 telephone booking system can be ordered in February 2, 2017 (the 6th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar) ticket.

According to the previous

during the Spring Festival train ticket sale situation, fifth, sixth after the Spring Festival will usher in the return peak passenger flow, especially the sixth will usher in the peak, so today has been buying tickets to passengers don’t forget to go home before the holiday on the Internet or telephone ordering the return train ticket, so as not to delay the trip.


in this article we can know, online shopping during the Spring Festival return ticket has begun, the needs of friends do not miss! At the same time in order to facilitate the online booking passengers to take the nearest ticket, Shenyang Railway Bureau in the flow of people to set up relatively dense place 25 automatic ticket machine. At the same time, will also move the car to the main ticket entrance area, the main commercial street, station square, convenient for visitors to take purchase tickets.

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