The adventures of 80 boys in the clothing store

the problem of employment and now more and more entrepreneurs have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship independently, especially for the students who will graduate, venture investment has become the first choice to expand their own business, the whole network will introduce a 80 boys clothing store rich case.

4 contract signed on April 27th 26, the rent paid. Soon is the arrival of the 51 golden week, the word for a business man is the new year! There was nothing in the facade, empty and. How to do, how to do? Do you miss such a good chance? After consulting with his wife, decided to go into a batch of goods to engage in 51 special stores. April 29th went to buy a ticket, the ticket has no seat, that night, the driver gave me a mat on the floor of the car to sleep for the night, the night is a sleepless night! The second day in the morning to go to play the goods at 5, in the afternoon with a trip to the city of fatigue C! I felt very tired, once thought of giving up, but we still survive! May 1st smooth opening, 7 days of sales and test the water, I have more confidence! 7 began renovation, selling materials, look at the floor, stock, and finally opened in May 10th! The 512 earthquake that day, just very busy business, we didn’t feel the earthquake, and later saw on television to know, ha ha, also recommended

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