5 thousand yuan of entrepreneurial projects

small venture capital can also be a great entrepreneurial dream, 5000 yuan of the following projects better investment in your business a good choice, here Xiaobian to find a few items that can help you, I hope to help you.

A, 5000 yuan to open a shop of

bonsai fragrance

investment conditions

1 Location: 20 square meters shop, should be in the vegetable market area or flower market, densely populated areas etc..

2 purchase of vanilla seeds, flower pot and shelf purchase volume of about 3000 yuan, you can start.

two, 2000 yuan to open a photo shop leaves


investment conditions

1 of raw materials for the production of investment in 100 yuan, each cost 0.1 yuan.

2 stores input: Select 6 – 8 square meters of shops or near the large department stores, supermarket stalls. According to the different rents around the store stalls, rental investment will be different.

three, the benefit of small fry brand 2000 yuan can start

fry brand have a legal basis in 2001 revised "trademark law", allowing the registered trademark in the name of a person, and the right to transfer and the change of the trademark holders, provides a platform for the personal brand investment behavior. In addition, after the implementation of the new trademark law, in China, a trademark from the application to get the registration certificate will take two years, and through the transfer

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