County popular entrepreneurial projects this small profit

do not think that only in the city have entrepreneurial opportunities to make money, the county is often more opportunities than the city. The county is a small area of the economic center, the surrounding life people need to meet their daily needs of basic necessities of life through the county, so don’t look at a small place, doing business have earned! Want to do business in the county, the following 5 popular projects worthy of attention.

characteristics of noodle

saying: do not open business, restaurants. Hunger breeds discontentment, a day with meals, who can get less nutrition? Color face new features, in the fierce competition in the catering market, only the characteristics will make money, only have the characteristics of selling. According to the market situation, catering project is noodle shop to make money. Its investment is not large (3-6 million), high profits (at least 2 to $3 per bowl), annual income of more than 50 thousand. And better care, do not ask too many people. More importantly, nutrition increased noodle color surface features and selling points, earn more naturally faster than others.

leather shoes beauty shopThis

juice house

automotive beauty shop

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