Japan Railway Station to retain a female high school only passenger

Japan, an old train station has been retained for one year, the female high school students will graduate this year, and the station also announced that it will be abolished after graduation.

until later, only a passenger aboard the train class local female high school students.

the students every day between the white and the old Japan Japan station station, don’t look at only two stations, but the distance is very far. On the train from 4626D uplink station at the time on white Japan Sichuan station need to spend 1 hours and 8 minutes, which is currently two of Japan’s longest running single station interval train. Every morning the female students in high school in Japan are white station train station at Sichuan after the old Japan station, and in the evening from the old Japan white station station returned to japan. She is also the only passenger station of old Japan this spring, after she graduated, the old Japan station and white Japan stand waste station.

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