The double outlet station in 2016

since Prime Minister Li Keqiang proposed "public entrepreneurship, innovation" concept, entrepreneurship development media to do many Chinese breadth, depth reports. Many successful examples of entrepreneurship spawned more people have entrepreneurial ideas.

2015 years, China’s average daily registration of newly registered enterprises reached 11 thousand and 600, an average of the birth of a company of 8 per minute. In the face of "public entrepreneurship, innovation" of the wave, you heart it?

2016, standing in the "double" Chinese "outlet", you want to do what? The "double" where will the wind blowing? Where will he go?

"public entrepreneurship, innovation" is probably the most let people full of excitement. 2015 of a word, but a lot of people with the idea in 2016 stood at double outlet when realized: "I can do what?"

"at first think that business is simply doing business, but also through a number of detours, but from the first day into the garage, and found around entrepreneurs still have a large gap." Two years ago, out of the gate of Liu Changfu, with the field of automotive safety entrepreneurial dreams came to Beijing, but the business is not in his imagination so simple. "Not only is the problem of funds, there are gaps in vision, ideas, creativity and other aspects."

"more than and 700 projects, only about 8% of the project officially formed the entrepreneurial team." Tsinghua X – Lab executive director Mao Donghui said, we do not reject any inspiration and creativity, but entrepreneurship can not be achieved overnight."

2016 years, standing in the air, not only ordinary entrepreneurs, as well as the brightest big brother, they are pondering, 2016 in the end should do something?

"the biggest root lies in the evolution of the Internet information terminal, almost every 20 years, the evolution of the terminal information formats and even result in a major change to the whole economic format." Ma Huateng said, so we are thinking about the next generation of mobile Internet, a new generation of information society should be a format."

After the mobile phone, Internet and

"no innovation? Internet innovation in the road where?" Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi said, for many enterprises, IOT (Internet of things) is recommended

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