There is much fast food franchise fee

catering investment entrepreneurs first need to consider it will be two things, that is to choose a project and consider whether their investment funds can be paid category, there are many restaurants, fast food of course is the darling of the new era. Fast food franchise is very popular in the market, after all, everyone for the prelude of fast food is very large, and fast food as a rich industry, who have not moved? Now what brand is your choice? Today Xiaobian to recommend a fast food, that is there. As one has more than and 400 stores in the strength of the brand, the development of fast food there is very rapid, attracted a lot of attention from investors, has become a good choice for the franchisee to get rich. Then there fast food franchise fee is


How much is there

fast-food franchise fee?

wants to join the business, which is the key to the money, and now business without capital talk about how to make money? And if we want to join Gu fast-food restaurant, you need to do a detailed market survey, understand the specific cost of joining details, clear the output of each fund, so that it can smooth the shop to make money.

it is worth mentioning that there now fast-food franchise fee is free, it not only provides greater protection to the franchisee shop, also reduces the cost of the entire project output. The investment cost there is specific fast-food restaurants to join the city according to the different changes in first-tier cities (Shenzhen for example) to shop for an area of 200 square meters, the total investment cost is 644 thousand yuan, second tier city (Zhengzhou for example) to 150 square meters is 424 thousand yuan, while the three line (in Datong City for example) to 100 square meters is 262 thousand yuan is required. Choose a suitable city to join, so that the shop becomes more relaxed

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