2016 Hu Runxin announced the list of top 50 venture capital companies list

is facing a new generation of financial giants is not only from the competition, but also need to face the new start-up companies behind the chase. In the 2016 Hu Runxin financial top 50 list, many start-ups have also entered the list.

1 10, the theme of "new financial fabric, new future wealth 2016 Hu Runxin 100 financial summit held at the Grand Hyatt Shenzhen Hotel.

as a list of the 2016 core financial Hu Runxin top 100, 2016 financial Hu Runxin 50 list was published, from 12 industry segments of new financial sector, respectively, P2P net loans, Internet banking, Internet payment, Internet banking, Internet Internet credit, insurance, funds, securities, Internet Internet consumer, the the chips, direct banking, financial services, including P2P net loan 15 winners ranked first, the proportion reached 3, this also with the P2P net loan industry in recent years the rapid development of closely related.

50 in the "financial strong childhood"

The characteristic of the

2016 Hu Runxin is in the top 50 financial "start-up’s infancy" large number of Internet giants and startups with blooming, for example 36 krypton equity investment this emerging start-up companies, and for the love of money into this founded less than two years, the total turnover of 10 billion yuan of the following P2P platform, were on the list the column.

Guotai Junan Ren Zeping:

emerging startups are developing rapidly, this is the age characteristics of the decision, but there are many companies fall fast on the road of entrepreneurship development. Always pay attention to the market, with the help of internal and external forces to tide over the difficulties, will help the company to achieve the ultimate cause.

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