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small B suffering from breast hyperplasia has been 4 years, during the time to eat a variety of drugs, but also to do the surgery, but the situation is still not improved. Where do the surgery and had a long. Little B has been married for 1 years and is now ready to get pregnant. She wants to know what’s going on right now. Is it suitable for pregnancy?

breast hyperplasia occurs in 25 ~ 45 years old woman, this is also the female reproductive period, so the breast hyperplasia can be pregnant?. The problem is divided into two parts:

every morning and evening with hot water bag on the hot boiling water in the hot water bag, outside the set of a set, so every day before you go to bed and wake up, apply a hot water bottle in hyperplasia of place, is very Yang again when the move, usually have to bathe in hot water.

and pathological hyperplasia of mammary glands should go to the hospital in time for treatment, at this time can not be pregnant. Because the drugs have different degrees of side effects, especially in the treatment of breast hyperplasia drugs, may have adverse effects on the fetus, such as miscarriage, fetal malformation, etc.. Should actively treatment of breast hyperplasia, after the resumption of the disease to stop the application of drugs for more than half a year to consider pregnancy.


2, breast hyperplasia during pregnancy

mammary gland hyperplasia can be pregnant?

for pregnant women, many drugs are disabled, and mild hyperplasia of mammary glands without treatment, so there is no adverse effect on the fetus and pregnant women, at this time can be pregnant breast hyperplasia. It should be said that pregnancy for patients with hyperplasia of mammary glands, is a good news, pregnancy, breast-feeding on the breast has a very good protection, the original breast hyperplasia will become more mild or disappear, often incurable.

analysis: can be pregnant. Breast hyperplasia is a self-healing and self limiting disease, light, heavy, light without treatment, temporary observation, attention to diet: do not eat barbecue, fried, puffed food; avoid exposure to radiation; not abuse hormone, use less hormone containing cosmetics; avoid depression, mental tension.

postpartum mothers should be scientific and regular to breast massage, to maintain a good blood circulation in the breast, which can ensure the baby adequate nutrition milk, and is conducive to the recovery of postpartum in all aspects. Massage from over 5 months pregnant and lactation period, every day.

will further pregnancy breast hyperplasia, because the breast to prepare for breast-feeding so the birth of a child will swell, and promote the further expansion of the breast, mammary gland development, this is a normal physiological phenomenon. If the pregnancy severe breast hyperplasia can try to compress.

1, pre pregnancy breast hyperplasia

push method:

avoid grab. Even if the mass can be more, such as traditional Chinese medicine Xiaoyao Pill, Ru’an, milk production consumption, such as less mass, larger diameter of 5cm with pain, but also can be used for surgical resection, reduce the symptoms.

3, postpartum breast hyperplasia

hyperplasia of mammary glands cannot be pregnant?

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