Analysis of operating profit weijiade cold noodle

once the project can make money, regardless of the size of the brand, the same can make you rich. For example, a little cold noodle business is a good opportunity to get rich. Wei Jia cold noodle brand is at the foundation of traditional Chinese food and beverage category, carefully developed, which fully embodies the traditional catering health function and pharmacological effect at the same time, the public respected Shaanxi taste characteristics with the. But Wei cold noodle chain will promote the fast food industry development, for the common goal, and the tendency to solve some social employment and support entrepreneurial individuals and groups, weijiade cold noodle brand is a small entrepreneurs Gospel! So, Wei cold noodle a year can gain much less exclusive exposure weijiade? Cold noodle monthly profit.

Wei cold noodle earn in a year?

Wei cold noodle earn a year? We first calculated in the first year, fixed investment is 28 thousand yuan, the rent is 40 thousand -8 million, 1.5-2 million renovation costs, equipment purchase costs 4500 yuan -5500 yuan, the investment cost of 252-381 yuan; spending, a bag of flour is calculated according to the market the price of 90 yuan, do cake made of edible oil, meat, vegetables, spices and so on a 100 yuan, according to a charge of artificial management fees of four employees is about 380 yuan, utilities and tax calculated according to 70 yuan a day.

Wei cold noodle earn a year? If one day to sell 3 bags, a bag of noodles do 500 loaves of bread, each cake at the market price average of 1.3 yuan to count, the first year of the net profit is in 190 thousand between -24 million, second years without joining fees, equipment purchase costs, installation costs second years, the net profit is expected to have business covers, year by year, certain income will be increased year by year.

Analysis of

weijiade cold noodle monthly profit:

Wei cold noodle monthly profit — cold noodle cost profit analysis:

to 50 pounds of flour, for example:

Wei cold noodle monthly profit, 50 pounds of flour, priced 1.1 yuan, or 1.1 yuan (*50 kg) =55 yuan, to 130 pounds per bowl of cold noodle, cold noodle dosage of 0.5 kg, 130/0.5= 260 bowls, each bowl of cold noodle priced at 1.5 yuan, can sell 1.5 yuan =390 yuan *260 (bowl).

chilli oil cost 0.1 yuan per bowl: Sesame per bowl cost 0.15 yuan, 0.15 yuan per bowl of aniseed water cost, fuel cost 0.1 yuan per bowl. The cost of each bowl of seasoning a total of 0.5 yuan

260 cold noodle seasoning bowl a total of 0.5 yuan *260 yuan (bowl) =130

total cost

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