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we have a saying called China: one can’t judge. In fact, this truth can be used in all walks of life, take the food and beverage project. Steamed bread is an ordinary traditional food and beverage can no longer eat bar! But it is such a common food in China’s diet culture survived for thousands of years. How can we underestimate this extraordinary food. Today is to be recommended and Steamed Buns related brand Steamed Buns babylon.

Babylon Steamed Buns, beginning from Shanghai City, Huangpu District Nanjing Road, formerly known as the "Master Liu package", 2003 officially renamed "Bobby Steamed Buns", for the first time to upgrade the brand, the brand chain nutritious breakfast. Through the establishment of a fully enclosed dust-free filling processing center and logistics distribution center, and cooperation leading research team of famous university, research and development of frozen products product distribution technology; in the construction of Shanghai modern large-scale production base; overcome technical frozen dough, realizes the standard operation and production, is China’s first implementation of standardized production, brand chain the breakfast sales enterprises, brand management has become a pioneer in Chinese breakfast.

Steamed Buns jiamengfei Bobby

how much money


has become a pioneer in Chinese breakfast brand management, the Ministry of Commerce breakfast demonstration project construction enterprise, Babylon has focused on the breakfast and pastry business, uphold the principle of "casting the brand with conscience, ingenuity to tree quality" business philosophy, continue to become bigger and stronger, is now in the East China and Southern China region has nearly more than 2 thousand stores, became the first the brand Chinese breakfast industry chain. On 2015, Bobby brand breakthrough, "Bobby Steamed Buns" was renamed "Bobby pastry", to the brand into the national nutrition level master pastry dinner.

shop location is the key to success of

stores Steamed Buns Babylon

find a location is an important part of the success of the shop, shop shop all the headquarters of the development will determine the strict examination. According to the experience of the headquarters of the franchisee can store their pre advice is:


1, Square commercial pedestrian street

2, large supermarket shopping malls around

3, shopping center upstairs or in front of the position of

4, airport terminal

5, secondary school, high school around

6, theaters near

7, large residential area (or exit)

Babylon Steamed Buns investment amount:

1, three years brand

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