Harbin university students entrepreneurial base hit off the thinking spark lit

entrepreneurship has become a common social issue. In Harbin entrepreneurial base, many college students have creative thinking is breeding venture here, a spark of passion here full splash.

"I got this idea and bright!" "Don’t let my research be ‘lay dead’!" Reporters the day before entering the Harbin Institute of Technology National University Science Park students entrepreneurial base when entrepreneurial students talk so.

here in order to encourage students to entrepreneurship practice, park set aside 500 square meters of entrepreneurial base, rent, utilities, relief policies, entrepreneurial team in hatching here, you can enjoy a professional business mentor guidance, venture capital docking, entrepreneurial projects and business registration services. Colleges and universities in the province actively combined with their own characteristics and advantages, to promote innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students, a group of college students creative light up.

light projection in Harbin, Wang Yi’s desk, projection virtual keyboard a red rose, the reporter in the operation of the virtual keyboard, can play the keyboard easily as in ordinary.

virtual laser keyboard is Wang Yi and his classmate Zhang Yu venture. Zhang Yu told reporters that the use of light projection technology, almost any plane can be projected on a full-size computer keyboard. The virtual keyboard can be used in computer, laptop, mobile phone, public inquiry machine and other equipment, people can e-mail, word processing and spreadsheets in any place, because the virtual keyboard is light projection of the image formed, when not in use can be completely disappeared.

in the guidance of provincial government, our province university innovation system mechanism, build entrepreneurial innovation platform combines the school technology and talent advantages, market advantages of capital, government resources and policy advantages, attracting a large number of students like Zhang Yu back to the Longjiang business.

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"North South plants can be grown indoors?" "What kind of plant is good for indoor haze pollution control?" "Patients with respiratory illness should be kept indoors which plants?" Half a year ago, Northeast Forestry University landscape architecture Junior Zheng Rui and roommates to turn off the lights to the "spot" talk the indoor garden business plan.

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